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(updated May 14, 2010)


The following programs can be contributed /donated at your setana (wishes/desires):

Scholarship Program:
To support the need of textbooks and other necessaries for novice monks and nuns
To support the need for (lay) students from elementary to university level (engineering,
medical and others)
To support the needs for medical establishments (hospitals and clinics)

Adit-Htan Retreats and Offerings:
To support Special Retreats sponsored by Adit-Htan Sayadaw at monasteries , in Myanmar
(for Sanga¯s, nuns and lay devotees (yaw-ge’s)

Sasana Projects:
For donation of Special ongoing Sasana Projects listed on the ’Sasana projects’:
Mahakangyishin Buddha Statue, and Kyauktaw, Mahakyein Thitsashin Buddha Statue, North Okkalapa, Yangon. Adit-Htan Sayadawgyi’s ardent wish is to construct large Buddha Statues in such foreign countries as U.S.A., Australia and Singapore in coming decade.

Annual Maintenance Fund:
The annual maintenance fee is $60.00 per year and can be paid monthly, yearly or every six months according to your preference.

General Disaster Relief Fund - Including Nargis Cyclone Relief efforts, donations will be directly provided via local monasteries and relief victims of any disaster related to cyclones, storms, fires, earthquakes, floods, etc. in Burma.

Your generosity, whatever you can afford
for the propagation of Buddha's teachings is also welcome.

All donations will be tax deductable. (When the 501C (3) is being approved soon.)
All donor contributions will be listed on the Adit-Htan Website - Donations and Donors Page.




Last Updated 9/30/08