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A Brief Biography of Maha¯jeyyasiddhi Adihk-Htan Sayadaw

Ankyeindawgone Hilllock of Sittwe, Rakhine State, Myanmar

The Ven. Sayadaw was born of U Wei-doe and Daw San Thar Oo of Sunye Village, Minbya Township, Rakhine State, on Monday, the 4th wanning day of Wa-gaung, 1309 Myanmar Era (4-8-47). He was novitiated at the age of ten and also fully ordained at the age of twenty, in 1328 Myanmar Era. He passed the 1st Grade to 3rd Grade Pa¯li Pahtamabyan Examinations and also the Pa¯li Lecturership (Dhammacariya) Examination hold by the Government of the Union of Myanmar. And then, he also learned pa¯li canonical texts in the Myoma Pa¯li University of Sittwe and also in the Dhanyawaddy Pariyatti Sar Thin Taik of Bahan Township, Yangon. In those days, he himself also learned Dighanikaya Pa¯li of Suttanta Pitaka by heart. He was a pupil of Aggamaha¯pandita Bhaddanta Khant¯i (S¯asanadhajasiri¯pavara¯ Dhamma¯cariya), a member of the State Samgha¯ Maha¯ Na¯yaka Committee. After his learning of Pali Texts and Pa¯li literature, he as an abbot of the Sunye village monestary, taught basic pa¯li texts and literatures to about five hundred bhikkhu-students and samancras boys and girls for nine years.

Under the noble guidance of the different levels of the Samgha¯ Organizations, he started Maha¯jeyyasidhi Adheik-htan practice—the Buddhanussati Bha¯vana¯, from the 1st new-year-day of 1341 Myanmar Era and had only vegetables. At the age of 36 (16the Vassa) he became well-known as Adihk-Htan Sayadaw.

The Ven. Sayadaw has been wandering in the regions such as Kyeintaung of Minbya, Vesa¯li, Uritdaw, Mrauk-U, Kyauktaw, Paletwa, Sandawshin, Okethalin, Yathetaung, Maungdaw etc and has been performing religious duties, practicing Adheik-htan by himself and teaching Dhammas to lay-devotees.

As he has already learned twenty types of stone inscriptions including Sanskrit and Brahmi¯, etc., he wrote the following Buddhist literature and papers:- The Maha¯jeyyesidhi Adheik-htan practice, Method of Paying Homage to Munira¯ja¯ Image, Lokana¯tha, Devayekkhapu¯ja¯, Method of Paying Homage to Yesu Image, the Cakka Paritta of 28 Buddha, etc.

Whenever the Ceremony of the Successful Conclusion of Adheik-htan practices are held after he as fulfilled his noble Adheik-htan duties it is wonderously found that the Bodhi leaves near by become leaf-wrappers in shapes of cones.

At present the Ven-Sayadaw takes the responsibility of constructing the Maha¯jeyyasidhi Adhittha¯na Si¯ma¯ Hall of about 40000 sq-ft on the Ankyeindawgone hillock of Sittwe, Rahkhine State, resembling the shape of the Shitthaung Pathodaw built by Minbargyi of Rakhine King. Without the help of an architect, he leads the whole construction work. The wall of Maha¯ Sima¯ is five feet in width; on each of its reserve poles the Ven-Sayadaw together with five members of bhikkhu-samgha¯ have had the meals in group and on the central pole the Ven. Sayadaw with nine members have recited Parittas in group.

64 types of Buddha Images, 80 stupas and 6,354,522 Buddha Images have been enshrined in the Si¯¯¯ma¯ Hall for the sake of peace and happiness of the whole word. In order to complete the construction, about kyats 2,000 lakhs has to be used. On its roof, nine bronze stupas have been constructed and by now 75% of the work has finished.

Once, the Ven-Sayadaw, while living in Adhittha¯na Resolution, had distended stomach and upset bowels, at about 12 O’ clock of the 10th waxing night of Tagu, 1344 Myanmar Era, he was given the medical prescription by an anonymous woman and she disappeared. Wonderously, he was totally healthy by that prescription.

It is said that the Ven-Sayadaw, when he practised the 9 days-Adhitthana-resolution of the First Step, was venerated by the two noble ones-one with the white dress and the other with the red dress on 4th day of his Adhitthana. The two noble ones suddenly appeared before the Ven-Sayadaw and he told them that they should venerate him if they were inferior ones. They did so as told by him and disappeared.

While the Ven. Sayadaw was residing at the Preintawkhyetawra Kyaung of Sunye Village, Minbya township, he usually performed Adhittha¯na-Resolution; during the time of 72 days – the Fifth Step of Adhittha¯na-Resolution, a cobra, without showing any danger, friendly lived with the Ven-Sayadaw, like a pet, for about 45 days; during the time of 81 days – the Sixth Step, he had wonderful dreams three times and he made his lay-disciple dug the ground as indicated by his dreams on 12th waxing day of Thadingyut, 1345 Myanmar Era. There appeared a Buddha Image made of brown stone which was about 600 years old and it was named as “the Maha Supinamuni”. If one would like to pay homage to the Ven Sayadaw staying afar, he may stretch his palm with the mind inclining towards the picture of the Sayadaw and he may also invite the Sayadaw in his own mind. His fingers will show him shaking upwards. On 27th January 1994, while the Ven. Sayadaw was reciting Parittas in some houses of lay – devotees of Taunggo, the Paritta – water was bubbling marvellously. On 2nd February 1994, the Ven-Sayadaw proceeded from Taunggo to Mandalay. On that day and the next day too, there fell heavy rains three times in Mandalay where suffered from draught for about four months.

At present the Ven. Sayadaw is residing at the Maha¯ Jeyyasiddhi Adhittha¯na Si¯ma¯ Hall on Ankyeintawgone hillock of Sittwe and teaching the Dhammas – the ways to the peace and happiness of the life to his lay-disciples.

The Ven. Sayadaw, wherever he goes on tour, carries the Maha¯ Myatmuni Bronze Buddha Image together with him and leads all his disciples to the righteous way of living. Those who see the Ven. Sayadaw in person would appreciate his marvellous attributes and may consume the benefits, of meritorious reaction, definitely.


(The following information can be viewed in Burmese language. Pleased be advised that your computer system must be installed with WinInnwa and Win Kalaw (Burmese) Fonts to see the Burmese texts.)

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